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AR Financing
AR Financing
TAB Bank customizes solutions to serve the needs of small- and medium-sized commercial businesses.
AR Financing
TAB Bank can speed up the cash flow of your business with our A/R Financing programs. We provide dynamic and tailor-made financing solutions to give you the financial flexibility to grow your business. We are able to customize A/R Financing programs for the following industries.
Transportation/Freight Services
Temporary Staffing
IT Consulting
Government Contractors
Miscellaneous Service Providers

How AR Financing Works
Upon successful and satisfactory completion of your services and/or delivery of your products, submit your invoice information, bills of lading, and other supporting documents to TAB Bank, either by mail or through electronic means (e-mail or FTP). We will verify the acceptance of the products or services and advance you a predetermined percentage on each invoice by the following business day. Upon payment to TAB Bank by your customer, we will rebate back to you the remaining portion of the invoice less any service fee.
More Value-Added Services from TAB Bank:
Credit and collection monitoring services can save your company time by making collections calls, faxing missing paperwork to your customers and alerting you to brokers, shippers, or other firms that do not pay promptly.
Invoice creation, mailing and account maintenance reduce the delay between completion of your services and billing for those services. This reduces the time it takes to receive payment on your invoices and increases your cash flow. TAB Bank receives your payments and applies them to your invoices making the funds immediately available.
Online Reports and Check View Systems allow you to monitor your accounts 24 hours a day. There is no need to wade through faxed paper reports of your account collection activity. Online reports are built with advanced security to protect your information and privacy.
Call us toll-free at 888-440-4541 to speak with a courteous and professional sales representative to begin an A/R Financing program today!