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Everyone's been there: The Beginning. It means hard work, long hours, and a lot of thinking on your feet. But with the right partner by your side, your small business can grow into a big one. A partner that knows what it's like to be small, and can change with you as you grow.
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What is the Business Advantage Pre-Paid Solution:

The Business Advantage solution is a commercial pre-paid card program that enables you to manage your expenses with card controls and spending limits while giving you the flexibility to issue cards to employees, vendors, or fleet vehicles, plus significant savings on fuel transactions

With the easy online access you can control the types of purchases allowed such as ATM, fuel, and maintenance and set limits to the amount that can be spent with the card daily and weekly. You can load a specific amount to a card and reload it as needed. You can even specify prompts for use of the card at automated fuel pumps.

All of the pre-paid MasterCards can be used universally, wherever MasterCard is accepted.

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