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The purchasing power of MasterCard® with the controls you need for peace of mind
Business Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard
Allow your employees to make purchases for your business - quickly, safely and worry-free. You maintain complete control with spending limits, card prompts, purchase controls and online access to reporting and card controls.
The Business Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard® provides a perfect balance between the spending controls and the flexibility to issue cards to employee or vendors for business expenses. The product allows online access to issue new cards, set limits, designate allowed purchase types, set card prompts for fuel transactions, change card status by card and review purchase reports. You maintain control and benefit from unlimited transactions and convenient funding options from almost anywhere.
Simplicity, value and convenience in a single package
Business MasterCard® cards for business expenses with real time access to online
card controls, spending limits, fuel prompts, purchase types, new or replacement card requests and purchase reporting
Manage business expenses with detailed card spending reports
Online access to request new or replacement cards and manage card and purchase controls
MasterCard® universal acceptance
Fuel rebate of 1.75% on all fuel purchases; simply select "credit" when paying for fuel [1]
No fee for card transactions - Unlimited
First 5 customer service assisted calls per month
Online banking services
Extended customer service hours [3]
Self service automated banking.
Card alerts
Convenient deposit options available - Industry checks included [2]
Access to cash at ATMs, anytime, any where, but only if you grant access
FDIC insured
Monthly Maintenance Fee
No monthly maintenance fees
Monthly Transactions
Unlimited monthly transactions
Minimum Funding to Opening
To learn more, call us toll-free at 800.837.4214 to speak with a courteous and professional representative today!
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[1] To earn the 1.75% rebate on fuel purchases simply select "Credit" as the method of payment when purchasing your fuel or initiating the fuel pump. Fuel purchases made with any other method of payment are not eligible for a rebate. Rebates are credited to your TAB account weekly for the prior week's eligible purchases.

[2] Industry checks include: Com Data Check/Card funding, T-Chek funding, EFS check funding, Transfunds funding, Fleet One funding, FPS funding, and Western Union checks.

[3] The customer service hours of operation are 6am to 7pm MT, Monday through Friday, and 9am to 3pm MT on Saturday. Federal holidays are excluded.
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