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Business Financing
Business Banking
TAB Bank customizes solutions to serve the needs of small- and medium-sized commercial businesses.
Working Capital Solutions - we have a variety of financing options that can meet your business' specific needs. Let us help tailor the one that's best for you.
TAB provides working capital and equipment financing during all stages of the business life cycle in any economic environment.
TAB provides those solutions through
Accounts Receivable Lines
Asset-Based Lines
Revolving Credit Lines
Equipment Loans
Inventory Advances
Term Loans
Rediscount/Re-factoring Lines

TAB Bank was established in October 1998 in Ogden, Utah. Originally formed to provide financial services to the transportation industry, today TAB provides working capital facilities to a variety of business sectors while continuing to build on success within the transportation industry.
TAB Bank is FDIC insured and maintains a Tier 1 capital ratio of over 11% which qualifies as "well capitalized" under the FDIC (the highest ranking). Being self funded and well capitalized, the bank continues to provide facilities for companies that range from $1.2MM to over $180MM in annual revenue. We invite you to check out our FDIC Call Reports to see how strong TAB is.

AR Financing:
We understand that your business is only as fast as each transaction - it's all about cash flow. That's why our AR customers enjoy daily contact with their account managers, who are always ready to help with funding requests, collection needs, debtor credit management, and cash application.

Asset-Based Loans:
Asset-Based Loans are a great way to utilize your assets to create the cash flow your business needs. While many banks and financial institutions are tightening down their credit standards and collateral requirements, we are reaching out to fund commercial businesses.

Equipment Loans:
The right piece of equipment with the proper finance structure can translate directly to your bottom line. Whether you are looking to purchase new or used equipment for your business, or need to refinance an existing arrangement, we can customize it to fit your business.