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The freedom to fuel anywhere and save!
The freedom to fuel anywhere and save!

Fuel Rebates
The TAB Business Alliance MasterCard® and TAB Business Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard® gives you the flexibility to fuel anywhere MasterCard is accepted and received a 1.75% rebate[1] on your fuel purchases. All you have to do is make the fuel purchase with your TAB Business MasterCard and select "credit" as your method of payment. TAB takes care of the rest.
The fuel rebate is credited back to your TAB account on a weekly basis for the eligible fuel purchases from the prior week. For your convenience you can review online reporting, showing the fuel rebates earned on each eligible fuel purchase by card, available in online banking.
Allow your employees to make purchases for your business - quickly, safely and worry-free. You maintain complete control with spending limits, card prompts, purchase controls and online access to reporting and fuel rebates.
Compare TAB's business card products and accounts to determine which one will best suit your needs
TAB Business Alliance MasterCard
TAB Business Advantage MasterCard

[1] To earn the 1.75% rebate on fuel purchases simply select "Credit" as the method of payment when purchasing your fuel or initiating the fuel pump. Fuel purchases made with any other method of payment are not eligible for a rebate. Rebates are credited to your TAB account weekly for the prior week's eligible purchases.
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