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Refer a friend.
TAB Bank understands how important your reputation is with your customers and partners. Our goal is to augment that relationship you have with your customer. TAB works with accountants, attorneys, bankers, private equity companies and other professionals to assist their clients. TAB has very specific products and services to assist commercial customers. We do not compete with our referral sources on products and services they could and should provide for their customers.

Review some of our customer testimonials and press releases to see how TAB has provided solutions for our customers. We invite you to talk with one of our sales representatives to understand how we can assist one of your customers and make you look even better. We look forward to working with you and your clients.
TAB Bank works with many referral sources whose primary job is to find working capital solutions for their clients. TAB understands that you have many financing sources in the market place to assist your customer. Our goal is to quickly help you know whether TAB is the right fit for your client or not. We know that time is money for you and your client.

TAB Bank compensates referral sources based on the income the transaction brings to TAB. We invite you to talk with one of our inside sales representatives to receive more information on TAB's preferred transactions as well as get set up as referral source for TAB Bank.
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