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Questions about Customer Service

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General Questions

Q: What time will customer service be available?
A: Our Customer Service team will be available between 6am to 7pm MT, Monday through Friday, and 9am to 3pm MT on Saturday. Federal holidays are excluded.

Q: How soon will the customer service hours change?
A: Beginning on June 1, 2014, our Customer Service team will be available between 6am to 7pm MT, Monday through Friday, and 9am to 3pm MT on Saturday. Federal holidays are excluded.

Q: Will there continue to be an option to make deposits after hours?
A: Yes, some forms of deposits can still be processed after hours such as: ComData Registered checks, T-Cheks with an expresscode, TCH MoneyCodes, Pilot Flying J® Gift cards and Green Dot® Money Paks.

Q: What if my card was lost or stolen or I think fraud has occurred on my account; will I be charged to call in to report the fraud?
A: No. There are no fees to call to report fraud or to mark your card lost or stolen. Please continue to notify us immediately of any suspected fraudulent activity and any time your card is lost or stolen.

Q: What if I need to dispute a transaction or billing error on my account; will I be charged a fee to call in?
A: No. You will not be charged a fee to call us to dispute a transaction or billing error.

Q: Does TAB Bank offer a secure chat option?
A: A secure chat option will be available soon within online banking.
More information to follow in the coming months.

Q: How can I continue my normal banking without incurring fees?
A: You can manage your account through online banking, mobile banking and through the self-service automated telephone banking to avoid the fee for Customer Service Representative assisted calls. Simple options are also available to avoid the monthly maintenance fee for MoneyCard Accounts as well as Small and Premeir Business Accounts. Review the applicable fee schedule for more information.

Q: How can I make deposits without being charged a fee?
A: TAB offers several convenient deposit options

To deposit industry checks (Com Check, T-Chek, EFS Checks, etc.), simply use the Online Banking deposit option or the self-service automated telephone banking deposit options to make your deposit. ( or 1-800-355-3063)
Other convenient deposit options that do not require assistance from a Customer Service Representative are available such as: Direct Deposit, ACH, wire, Green Dot®, Western Union® and Pilot Flying J® gift cards.

Q: How can I check my balance and review my transactions without incurring a fee?
A: Self-service automated telephone banking, mobile banking and online banking are all options in which you can check your balance and review your transactions without incurring a fee.

Q: When will the new fee schedules be effective?
A: New fee schedules are effective as of June 1, 2014

Q: What account types are eligible for the 1.75% Fuel Rebate?
A: All TAB business account types are eligible for the 1.75% fuel rebate. No enrollment is necessary. If you have a Business Advantage Pre-Paid MasterCard or any of the Business Alliance MasterCards (Business Checking, Premier or Analyzed Business Alliance Accounts) your enrollment into the Fuel Rebate Program is automatic and will be effective as of June 1, 2014.

Q: Can I earn the fuel rebate on fuel purchases made at any fuel stop or just Pilot Flying J?
A: If you have an eligible TAB business account you can earn a 1.75% fuel rebate at any fuel stop, not just Pilot Flying J. Simply select "Credit" as your method of payment when initiating the pump or paying for your fuel. If you do not select "Credit" as the method of payment then you will not receive a fuel rebate for that transaction.

Q: How will I receive my fuel rebate and how frequently will the rebate be rewarded?
A: The fuel rebate will be paid each week for the prior week's eligible fuel purchases made with your TAB Business MasterCard. The rebate will be credited directly to your TAB business account on Sunday for the total fuel rebate earned the prior week.

Q: Is there a Fuel Rebate program available for consumers?
A: As of May 31, 2014 the consumer fuel discount program will be discontinued. If you currently have a consumer account (MoneyCard NOW or MoneyCard Checking NOW) and you own a business, you may apply for a business transaction account at TAB to receive the benefit of fuel rebates. Click to compare Business solutions and apply for an account today.

Q: How can I apply for an account?
A: Applying is easy. Compare the Business or Consumer account and card options to select the option that best fits your needs.

Q: Do you have a way for me to compare the different business account and card options to determine which one will be best for my needs?
A: Yes. A business comparison page is available to compare the costs and benefits of our business account and card options.

Q: If I don't agree with the account type that you pre-selected for me, is it possible for me to select a different account type that better suits my needs?
A: Yes. Simply call us at 800-355-3063 to request the change. If you notify us by May 23, 2014 the correction will be made prior to the effective date of the new fee schedule on June 1, 2014.

Q: Will TAB continue to offer consumer accounts?
A: Yes! The main focus of TAB Bank is commercial products and services but we haven't forgotten our consumer customers. We are here for you too. We have improved our services to make it easier for you to handle your banking needs without waiting on hold for a Customer Service Representative. You are also important to us.

Q: How can I compare TAB's consumer account options?
A: Click here to compare the consumer account options and apply.

Q: How can I apply for Overdraft Protection Transfer Service?
A: Currently the Overdraft Protection Transfer Service is available on consumer TAB accounts (MoneyCard NOW and MoneyCard Checking NOW) and applying is easy. If you have a Savings account ,simply complete and return the Overdraft Protection Transfer Service Authorization Agreement.
Don't have a savings account? Well, then apply today at!

Q: Is there an option to email my questions?
A: You may email questions to TAB Bank: