As many know, TAB Bank is an industry leader in providing Accounts Receivable Financing to the trucking industry. We have the largest portfolio of transportation receivables in the industry. How did we achieve this status? Why do so many companies come to TAB Bank for solutions to their working capital and cash flow needs. The answer is simple. We know trucking. We understand the economics and dynamic nature of this industry. We offer years of experience and expertise in providing financial solutions to companies and entrepreneurs in this industry. We have a team of seasoned professionals ready and willing to go to work in improving the cash flow for our existing and prospective clients.

One of the key performance indicators we use in determining the performance our client’s A/R and whether we are indeed improving a customer’s cash flow is Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). This metric provides critical insight into our level of operational service and support for our clients and whether there is room for improvement. Many of our trucking clients have expressed a strong interest in knowing how TAB Bank is handling our client’s accounts receivables with regard to this measurement. Many of you responded to a recent survey regarding the publication of our key performance indicators. A large percentage of the respondents indicated a strong desire to have DSO as a part of any publication or report we produce that communicates this information. 

In the month of June, DSO for our trucking clients averaged 28.92. For the first six months of the year, we averaged 29.88 in this area.  This is slightly better than the 30 days which is typical for the payment of outstanding A/R across the trucking industry. We are always looking to improve in this department. Our operational team of account managers, collateral analysts, and payment processors strives each and every day to work side-by-side with our clients to improve this aspect of their business. The sooner an outstanding invoice pays, the better it is for our client and for TAB Bank.

I am happy to report that for our commercial clients that do business in industries outside of trucking, this number is even better. DSO for this group of customers was 25.97 for June, and has averaged 26.27 for the first six months of the year. We are very pleased with these numbers and we plan to do our best to maintain, and even improve them in the months to come.

If you are a current customer, I thank you for the opportunity to provide working capital solutions and service for your company.  We appreciate your business. We will continue to strive to be a financial partner that you can trust and count on. If you are a company that is considering partnering with TAB Bank, I invite you to consider our products and services and how they can help your company grow and flourish. I am confident you will discover that TAB Bank is able to help you do just that. //



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Bell & Company
Certified Public Accountants and Business Advisors

Bell & Company is a diversified public accounting and business advisory firm located in North Little Rock, AR that serves a broad range of corporate clients including a sub-specialty in the transportation sector. Since the company began in 1982, they have worked diligently to build expertise in many segments of the accounting field. They provide a wide spectrum of accounting services for small and medium-sized businesses — from cash flow budgeting to counseling on the sale or purchase of a business.

Small and medium-sized business owners and financial officers often face a common challenge — limited access to expert oversight and advice from accounting and finance professionals who focus on and specialize in serving privately-held businesses. As a privately-held, family-owned business, Bell & Company is strongly committed to serving similar businesses.

Their experience in understanding and serving privately-held, family-owned businesses is deeply-rooted. Bell & Company takes great pride in possessing intricate knowledge of the specific issues these businesses face on a daily basis. They know that their success is determined by their client’s success.  Therefore, they strive constantly to help their clients improve in operations, accounting and finance, revenue and profitability, decision-making, and efficiency.

Their current clients include businesses and organizations in a wide variety of industries (e.g., transportation, professional, manufacturing, wholesale, and not-for-profits) and ranging in size from $1 million to $250 million in revenue. Their clients know they can count on the team at Bell & Company to provide them with the most proactive, relevant advice that can increase the gross profits of their companies while helping them manage their tax liabilities.

To learn more about Bell & Company, visit, or call Jeff Lovelady, CPA or Brady Pipkin, CPA at 501-753-9700. //



$5 million
asset-based line of credit for Metropolitan Trucking out of Saddle Brook, NJ
$1.5 million
participation loan with a Utah financial services company on an asset-based line of credit
accounts receivable line of credit for Shrock Trucking out of Salem, OR
3 other facilities for one trucking company and two commerical businesses totaling $1.25 million


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TAB recently entered into a partnership with the Ogden Reinvestment Corporation (ORC) for the purpose of providing small business loans and other financial assistance to low to moderate income borrowers and workers in the greater Ogden, Utah area. Not only does TAB contribute annually to the ORC to fund their operations, but TAB also recently joined with other local financial institutions to create a funding pool with which the ORC will use to fund loans. This partnership illustrates TAB’s commitment in improving the business environment and living conditions for communities and families in their own backyard.

Formed in 2009, the ORC is a non-profit community development lender that offers loans to start-up and expanding businesses in the greater Ogden area that meet the mission of economic growth, blight reduction, and job creation/retention — particularly for low to moderate income earners. As a general rule, eligible borrowers must be businesses that are “unbankable” or have been turned down by at least one bank in order to apply for a loan with the ORC.

The ORC recognizes that in order to deliver funds to borrowers in the greater Ogden area it is necessary to rally the community and successful leaders with varied backgrounds. The ORC also strives to surround itself with organizations that have the vision and tools necessary to funnel capital to where it is most needed. 

TAB is very pleased to be a partner with the ORC in achieving their goals and mission. We are excited for the opportunity to assist them in providing financial tools and resources to businesses that are our neighbors right here in the Ogden area.

Visit to learn more. //

Junior Achievement



What is the corporate culture at your company? How are employees viewed and treated? What about your customers? What is their role in the current and future success of your business (beyond the obvious)? How do you want your company perceived — both internally and externally? Do you have a corporate culture that has been developed and is clearly understood? 

Renowned entrepreneur, Richard Branson, shares his thoughts on this subject in the following article. Among other things, he comments on how a company’s culture is or isn’t accounted for and discussed during various stages of a business, as well as how this culture evolves over time. // READ MORE on…



TAB Bank will be providing a contest hole sponsorship at the Wasatch Champions Invitational Golf Classic to be held on Friday, August 19, 2011 at the Wasatch Mountain Golf Club in beautiful Midway, Utah. This event is the primary fundraiser and community outreach event for Canine Companions of Independence (CCI) in Utah. //



Representatives from TAB Bank will be at several shows, conventions, and other events over the next few months. Check out our schedule to see where we will be next. 

Aug. 12–13 Great Salt Lake Truck Show Lehi, UT
Aug. 24–26 IFA Transportation Factoring Meeting San Antonio, TX
Sept. 15–17 NEFA Funding Symposium Minneapolis, MN
Oct. 15–18 ATA Conference & Exhibition            Dallas, TX
Oct. 23–25 ELFA Annual Meeting            San Antonio, TX
Oct. 23–26 ABA Annual Convention San Antonio, TX
Oct. 25–27 TMA Annual Convention San Diego, CA

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