The TABloid: Spring 2013


Sales and marketing are the drivers at TAB as I am sure they are for your organization. Much of how we utilize these functions has changed over the last several years, and at TAB, we have been going through the transformation. How are you doing at your company?

The business buying cycle has changed. As much as 80% of the buying process for B2B transactions happens before sales is ever involved. Today, we all have access to information about the industry, product or company we are evaluating. Sales is not the gate keeper to information it once was. What does this mean? As organizations, we need to provide information so the buyer and their influencers can navigate the buyer journey on their terms.

Content is king in this new sales and marketing world. Every company has expertise in their given industries that can be leveraged to assist customers in that industry in their day to day business lives as they navigate their growth. If you are the source of that information, your customer and prospects will look to you as a leader when it is time to buy.

Take advantage of the technology that has emerged in the marketing arena. Marketing automation allows you to serve your prospects with information when and how they need it. You can now score your leads and nurture your prospects well before sales gets involved. Marketing can now have a true ROI that was once nearly impossible to achieve.

At TAB, we have been going down this path for several months and are excited about the results as well as our expectations. Let us know how you are doing in the sales and marketing arena.

Here's to all of us finding further success in sales and marketing,

// Eric Myers, Vice President of Marketing


TAB Bank has the products, services, and working professionals of a full-service commercial bank. As many know, we provide custom financial solutions through accounts receivable financing, asset-based loans, equipment financing programs, and much, much more. What many do not know is that we offer a suite of Treasury Management Services. These tools have recently been enhanced to save our customers time and money and can be customized to fit the needs of any business. We offer the same resources and services as many of our more familiar competitors.

Many of our current commercial finance customers obtain funding from us on a daily basis and send their available funds via a wire transfer to another bank or financial institution. Many customers send multiple daily wires to multiple accounts thus incurring large amounts of wire fees. Why not save money that would otherwise be spent in wiring these funds and keep your money in an account at TAB Bank and fully utilize any or all of our Treasury Management Services?

Check out all that we have to offer!
• Online Treasury and Banking Services
• ACH Origination Services
• Remote Deposit Capture
• Positive Pay
• Business Alliance Accounts
• Lockbox Services
• Account Sweeps
• Card Products and Controls
• Card Distribution
• BAI Reporting

To learn more and to begin taking advantage of these time and money-savings tools, contact Commercial Banking Supervisor, Thomas Karren today at 801.624.4971 or at //


Social media is big and it keeps getting bigger. Facebook is the world's largest social network with over 1 billion users. YouTube is the internet's 2nd largest search engine trailing only Google. Millions of videos are uploaded and viewed on a daily basis. Twitter users generate over 340 million tweets every day. LinkedIn users can be found in more than 200 countries and territories.

Do you utilize all or any of these social networks to share content, market your products and services, or connect with your customers, prospects, and partners? If you don't, are you losing out on a valuable opportunity to grow your business and communicate your message? If you do, are you getting the most out of your presence on these networks and sites? What are the best practices for making social media a viable part of your marketing plan?

Read the 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing from to learn and incorporate tips and strategies for making social media work for you. //



$5 million
asset-based line of credit for Cosby Oil Company, Inc. of Santa Fe Springs, CA
$2 million
asset-based line of credit for Snowbird Environmental Systems Corporation of Jacksonville, FL
$1 million
accounts receivable line of credit for Electronic Data Professionals of Bensalem, PA
asset-based line of credit for Simple Products Corp. of Sandy, UT

We'll keep you moving forward.


Accommodation Mollen, Inc.

Accommodation Mollen, Inc. of Philadelphia, PA was incorporated in 1957 and has grown to become Philadelphia's largest independent distributor of cleaning and safety supplies and equipment. Serving the Delaware Valley, Accommodation Mollen provides its products, service, and diverse knowledge and expertise of the cleaning and safety industry with clients from many different industries including healthcare, education, building management, contract cleaning, and in-house janitorial work.

In the early part of 2012, Accommodation Mollen was in need of a new financing arrangement in order to continue expanding their company and offering their products and services to a growing number of clients. It was at this time that they learned of TAB Bank and the customized working capital financing solutions TAB offers to small and medium-sized businesses from many industries. Accommodation Mollen quickly saw the value in forming a financing relationship with TAB Bank and became a client in July 2012 through the funding of a tailor-made, asset-based lending facility based on accounts receivable and inventory.

Why did Accommodation Mollen choose TAB Bank for its funding needs? What set TAB apart from other funding sources? Accommodation Mollen President Dave Potack answers these and other questions.

How did you first learn of TAB Bank?

We learned of TAB through a relationship with a regional bank and with the assistance of a local investment banking firm.

What financial institution provided funding for your company before? Why were you looking for something different?

We were with a bank local to our area. They were financing both the working capital revolver as well as our mortgage loan. Our company experienced a few difficult business cycles and our bank was becoming very difficult to deal with. They were not being realistic in the goals for our company. We were also experiencing unexpected and future growth that this bank did not want to support.

Why did you choose TAB Bank for your financing needs? What set TAB Bank apart from other financing options?

After hearing about TAB Bank and meeting with their local representative, we felt like we both fit each other's banking and borrower profile. We researched TAB Bank and saw that their target lending criteria of smaller middle market companies complemented Accommodation Mollen. A clear distinction for why we chose TAB Bank was the balance sheet liquidity and the cost of the capital that set them apart from other private commercial finance companies that we met with.

How would you describe the application, underwriting, and approval processes with TAB Bank?

Throughout the underwriting process and at every stage the individuals involved handled every question and concern with professionalism and clear communication.


How would you describe your relationship with TAB's Business Development team? How did they assist you in the application, underwriting, and approval processes?

When we met with TAB's local representative, Mark Simshauser, his experience, knowledge, and understanding of how our business operates was exceptional. He walked us through a realistic time line from underwriting to approval to funding and made us very comfortable regarding what would be expected of Accommodation Mollen moving forward. As business owners know, moving your banking and financing relationship can be very nerve racking and time consuming but the upfront team at TAB alleviated most of these concerns.

How would you describe your relationship with TAB's Account Management team? How do they assist you with your daily account and financing needs?

Our Account Manager has been great in his understanding of how our business works and our customer base requirements. The handoff and transition from the underwriting team upon approval to the account management team was seamless and very smooth.

Please summarize your overall experience with TAB Bank.

Our experience with TAB Bank has been very positive and our comfort in choosing TAB as our financial partner continues to grow. In today's difficult economy it is reassuring to know that there are still financial institutions out in the market that clearly understand the needs and challenges that smaller middle market companies face on a daily basis.

The professionals at TAB Bank work with their clients to customize a financing package that will help their business succeed and continually grow even in the most difficult of times. Let us display our lasting commitment by tailoring a solution for your business. To get started, contact a TAB Bank Representative today. //


Congratulations to TAB Bank employee Bryant Jensen on finishing first in the 2013 Salt Lake Marathon! Bryant works in our Accounting department and finished with an incredible time of 2 hours and 30 minutes! Congratulations Bryant!

For more details, see these video clips from KSL and The Salt Lake Tribune. //


On Saturday, March 9th, members of the TAB Bank team joined several other business, education, and civic leaders in raising funds and awareness for a great community organization right in our own backyard. The event was the 6th Annual Shamrock Gala benefiting Youth Impact of Ogden. The evening included a live and silent auction, an outstanding St. Patrick's Day dinner, and messages of inspiration and hope regarding at-risk youth and their families. TAB Bank was also pleased to further assist this worthy cause by providing a sponsorship for the event. These funds will enable Youth Impact of Ogden to continue and even expand their life-changing programs and services.

Youth Impact exists to positively impact the lives of at-risk youth by nurturing their emotional, physical, and social needs. This mission is fulfilled by providing a physically safe and emotionally stable environment for more than 200 young people. Many of the programs Youth Impact provides includes after-school programs, outdoor fitness and recreational facilities, individual and team sports, a study hall, transportation services, and much more.

To learn more about Youth Impact and their mission, visit or call Nicole Hall at 801.612.3001. //

Youth Impact

Click here for our latest TAB Bank Trucking Report.

We feature industry-specific metrics as well as analysis from our large portfolio of transportation receivables for the purpose of offering insight into the health of the trucking industry as well as the economy at large. //


Representatives from TAB Bank will be at several shows, conventions, and other events over the next few months. Check out our schedule to see where we will be next.

May 8–10 Utah Trucking Association Annual Conference St. George, UT
June 10–11 Commercial Finance Association: Lenders Finance Conference Chicago, IL
June 11–13 Commercial Finance Association: Entrepreneurial Finance & Factoring Conference Chicago, IL
July 10–12 Truckload Carriers Association: Refrigerated Division Annual Meeting Mashantucket, CT

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