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For many of our customers and referral sources, it is easy to forget that TAB is a bank. For our core products of factoring and asset-based lending, we compete against many non-bank finance companies. And while many companies can provide working capital for businesses, we feel the added element of an FDIC insured institution is an important aspect to why TAB is a great fit for many businesses.

What does that mean? For most of our clients, it is cost of funds. We have the luxury and privilege to gather FDIC insured deposits as the majority of our funding base to lend to our customers. That structure allows TAB to have similar costs as most banks across the country. It also means we are regulated by the FDIC, as well as Utah's Department of Financial Institutions. The transparency of outside examiners reviewing TAB's portfolio and procedures gives our clients the added comfort of working with TAB Bank.

The other piece to our offering as a bank is our ability to provide deposit products; specifically Treasury Management Services, for our business clients. TAB has a suite of products such as online banking, ACH and wire origination, remote deposit capture, lockbox, positive pay, card distribution and other services. We support these products without a branch network, which allows us to be more streamlined for our customers.

We feel these attributes are what allow TAB Bank to be in the unique niche of being the best of both worlds of a bank and a finance company. Whether you have known us for a long time or just getting to know us, check out all that we have to offer. I hope you find the other articles in this edition helpful, entertaining or informative. If there is anything you would like to discuss further, please reach out to anyone at TAB Bank and we would be happy to talk with you.

// Steve Sala, President

The Best of Both Worlds


The A/R financing, or factoring, offered by TAB Bank allows you to have access to the majority of your account receivable funds immediately, rather than waiting for your customer to pay you around 30 days later. With A/R financing, you have an enhanced ability to grow your business and provide additional services to many of your customers, thereby increasing your revenue and profits.

We recognize that there are many companies that offer A/R financing. Here at TAB Bank, our goal is to be your business partner every step of the way. We want to facilitate your growth and success and get you to the point where you are able to "graduate" from factoring and into a more traditional line of credit. However, this doesn't mean that we want you to leave TAB Bank. We offer many different business products designed to help you achieve success. In addition to A/R financing, we have ABL, or asset based lending lines, equipment financing and traditional lines of credit as well. As a traditional bank, we can provide treasury services, equipment leasing and lockbox services to assist in streamlining your bookkeeping processes.

The bottom line is that we want to be your bank. We are committed to being the bank that you can rely on for all of your financial needs. We want you to take comfort, knowing that TAB is uniquely positioned to help you through all of the growth stages of your company as well as the economic twists and turns that the future will bring.

Please call 801-624-5000 and ask to speak with one of our Business Development Officers if you are interested in learning more about the products that TAB Bank offers. TAB is uniquely positioned to provide your business with solutions and commitment. //

We'll keep you moving forward.


To maximize profitability you must manage your expenses. The most obvious and basic tip for expense management is to budget. Every financial expert will tell you to track and periodically evaluate what you are spending money on. However, keeping track of all the expenses of your business can be challenging and time consuming. Many businesses need employees to have access to company funds in order to function, which can complicate accounting exponentially. Another piece of advice frequently offered is to purchase and utilize accounting software. While accounting software often can be very useful, business owners sometimes will find it difficult to transfer information from their account into the accounting software. Because of the problems that can arise for business expense management, TAB offers solutions to help with your unique challenges.

TAB is well aware that businesses are as unique as the individuals who run them. Your business needs are unique as well. We also understand that time spent worrying about your financials, could be better spent on improving your business, which is why we help you maximize your earning power through Account Sweeps. Account Sweeps automatically improve your earning power, without you needing to do anything, except for signing up for them. Account sweeps are set up, so that you can run all your transactions through your business account, but gain all interest possible from a savings account. Basically your pool of funds stays in your savings account, and the sweeps are made daily to cover the debits made in your business account, maximizing the interest you earn. These sweeps are done automatically, so you don't have to worry about calling in or going online to make a transfer.

Since many companies need their employees to be able to make purchases in behalf of the company, TAB recognizes a company's need for controls and reporting on those purchases. That is why TAB has developed accounts, the Business Alliance Account and the Business Advantage Pre-paid Card, that allow the company to set and manage purchase control limits on their employee-used cards, as well as receive reporting on those cards. Through TAB's business account options, companies can manage and maintain their employees' card control limits 24/7 through TAB's online banking system. These accounts offer business owners the control to set limits on the types of purchases, as well as the amounts of money allowed. Businesses can print as few or as many cards as needed and add more cards or take away cards anytime. Additionally, owners can pull individual card reports from the online banking system, so they know exactly what card was used for each purchase.

In any business, accounting for expenditures can be a challenging task, especially when your accounting software requires specific file types that may be difficult to create. Through TAB's Treasury Management Services (TMS) package, we offer custom reporting where you can tell us how the file needs to be formatted. We do the work for you and build the file to fit your needs. Additionally, through our Treasury Management Services offer we can create BAI reporting files. BAI files are an industry standard file format, used for electronic cash management balance reporting. These files are often used for accounting software as well, and TAB will create these files and email them to you daily when you sign up for our Treasury Management Services package.

While business expense management can be a difficult task, TAB is here to help. From offering more control over who has what access to your business accounts to customized reporting and maximum interest earning tools, TAB can help simplify your expense management procedures, while maximizing your earning power. These tools and many others allow TAB to offer solutions to fit your unique needs. Let us know how we can help you by calling 1-800-355-3063 today. Our customer service representatives are available to help you 24/7. //


TAB Bank is pleased to once again provide the title sponsorship at the annual Ogden Rescue Mission Charity Golf Tournament. This year represents the 13th year this event has been held. The tournament will once more be held at the beautiful Wolf Creek golf course in Eden, UT and is scheduled to take place on Friday, September 6th.

"We have been affiliated with the annual Ogden Rescue Mission Golf Tournament every year it has been held. The Ogden Rescue Mission is an outstanding organization and a critical community resource. The services and support they provide are truly life changing. We are thrilled to partner with them as the title sponsor of the annual golf tournament and raise much-need funds to ensure they are able to continue serving the community," stated Trevor Morris, Marketing Manager of TAB Bank.

The golf tournament is a major fundraiser for the Ogden Rescue Mission and provides necessary funds for this community-based organization to achieve its objectives. Each year more than 100,000 meals are prepared and served to poor and needy men, women, and children who come to the Ogden Rescue Mission's doors for help. Once inside, they soon realize that the Mission is so much more than a soup kitchen or a shelter. Additional services include a free medical and dental clinic, a thrift store, rehabilitation services, and so much more. //



$3 million
accounts receivable line of credit for Electro Brand, Inc. of Westchester, IL
accounts receivable line of credit for Nelson J.I.T. Packaging Supply, Inc. of Phoenix, AZ


If you've spent any time in the South or are a die-hard sports fan, you've heard or even uttered the saying, "Dance with the one that brung you." It was a favorite expression of former University of Texas football coach, Darrell Royal, and when applied to a game strategy it means you go with the players and plays that have resulted in wins. It's about loyalty and reward.

Applying the phrase and its meaning, even with improper grammar, to creating working capital, it means leveraging your accounts receivable, inventory, equipment and other assets to not only secure a line of credit, but grow and continue to succeed as well.

Asset-based lending is ideal for small-to-midsized businesses that have a high percentage of current assets, need working capital to support growth or expand their business, have seasonal or cyclical natures, have outgrown their current lender, or need a more flexible financing solution than what traditional bank financing can provide.

Getting cash through an asset-based loan to continue the operations of paying your employees, purchasing supplies or distributing your product can be what your business needs to not only survive but continue its growth strategy.

You've manufactured products and have been contracted to distribute them, so why not be rewarded for what you have and what you've done. In a sense, with asset-based lending (ABL) you get to "dance with the one(s) that brought you," —your assets. You'll be rewarded with greater borrowing capacity, fewer financial covenants and more immediate working capital.

An asset-based loan rewards you for having loyal customers, even though some of them may not pay on time. No longer will your business be penalized or stifled by customers who are paying you beyond 30-days or more after the fulfillment of their order.

It's a winning combination, you and your assets. ABL gives you and your partners' operational ability beyond your competitors on the proverbial dance floor. In fact, you will be rewarded for the quality of your relationships with your customers, their ability to pay and the liquidity of your assets, rather than solely on the amount of your available cash and credit rating.

Traditional bank loans are still hard to get your hands on with only 10 percent of the applications being approved by big banks. On the other hand, asset-based loans, even during times of financial difficulty, are being won at a rate of 60 percent.

From the time you receive this influx of working capital or revolving line of credit, it can get even better. You can borrow, repay and re-borrow as needed over the life of the loan facility. The loan amount can increase as a company's inventory and accounts receivable increase, which accelerates the availability of working capital and fuels ongoing growth. Ultimately with an asset-based loan, you get to keep doing what has been successful for you. //


Click here for our latest TAB Bank Trucking Report.

We feature industry-specific metrics as well as analysis from our large portfolio of transportation receivables for the purpose of offering insight into the overall health of the trucking industry as well as the economy at large. //


Representatives from TAB Bank will be at several shows, conventions, and other events over the next few months. Check out our schedule to see where we will be next.

Sept. 11–12 International Factoring Association: Transportation Factoring Meeting Milwaukee, WI
Oct. 10–12 National Equipment Finance Association: 2013 Funding Symposium Nashville, TN
Oct. 19–22 American Trucking Associations: 2013 Management Conference & Exhibition Orlando, FL
Oct. 20–22 Equipment Leasing and Finance Association: Annual Convention Orlando, FL

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